The Shelly Stayer Shelter

This 21,500 square foot, 60-bed emergency shelter was built in an undisclosed location on approximately six acres with the intent to support the local community with short-term and long-term housing and therapies.  The accommodations feature three main areas: a section to address the long-term therapeutic needs for victims of human trafficking; a section for sheltering victims of domestic abuse; and a section dedicated to community outreach.

With a style inspired by industrial design this building showcases a standing seam metal roof, polished concrete flooring, cypress T&G on ceiling and walls, exposed metal beams, and an abundance of windows. A combination of stucco, exposed masonry, beautiful cypress, and painted metal panels clad the exterior of the buildings. Additional elements include a state-of-the-art security system, a main courtyard that includes a playground and turf grass that was installed with hydrochill cooling infill, and a generator to serve the entire facility when needed.

The Shelly Stayer Shelter was awarded a 2021 Grand Aurora Award. BUILD was selected by a panel of top industry experts, who reviewed hundreds of entries, to be named a leader in the commercial construction industry.