Arthrex Fountain: Custom, one-of-a-kind, hurricane proof specialty feature on the Arthrex Naples campus.  The fountain includes a 3,300 gallon pool, infinity edge, and a 2.4 inch thick walls formed in a gentle wave constructed of 2,057 pounds of R-cast® material.  The Arthrex logo, appearing to float on the water’s surface, was machined from a single piece of R-cast® Opaque weighing 3,230 pounds and is 8.5′ high and 6″ thick.

Arthrex Polaris: This was the first of five projects for Arthrex at The Polaris Building.  Total projects equal over 20,000 square feet.  This specific project included a snack bar/buffet and dining area.

Arthrex Dry Lab: Previously a storage space with no finishes, this space was converted into a 5,000 square foot high-end conference and dining room with a new chilled water HVAC system.

Project Detail

  • Commercial
  • Arthrex
  • Naples, FL