Build a Team

BUILD is committed to excellence – in the relationships we build, in the process we employ, in the materials we use and the people we hire.

Jay Howard,

Subcontractors / Vendors

At BUILD, we always strive to find the best-qualified subcontractors with the most competitive pricing. We feel it is imperative to utilize local subcontractors and vendors as often as possible. Using local resources keeps revenue local, provides a sense of ownership for the subcontractor employees, and also minimizes response time to the facility. We treat all subcontractors/vendors fairly and honestly, provide efficient scheduling and supervision, and guarantee a safe workplace. It is important that all our team members have a successful project.

Build on Time

We do not miss our completion dates.

Scott McConnelee,
Estimator/Project Manager

Scheduling Resources

Our team members are highly experienced in the details of scheduling projects and can provide scheduling for the pre-construction and construction on your project. Scheduling is one of our top five management tools on our projects and has significantly attributed to our success as a company.

At BUILD, we pride ourselves on finishing either on time or ahead of schedule. To facilitate timely project completion, we utilize state-of-the-art scheduling software in concert with our years of experience to create extremely detailed schedules. We utilize Critical Path Methodology Gantt charts that our superintendents, subcontractors, and clients, alike, appreciate because they are easy to read and consistently updated.

BUILD utilizes Microsoft Project scheduling software. We also use third party schedulers on projects when the client requests. Our subcontractors are involved in the construction scheduling process; they provide manpower and task duration information then collaborate with us on the sequence of activities to create the Overall Project Schedule.

Every week we hold schedule update meetings with all current subcontractors. These weekly schedule updates are critical to maintaining and consistently improving upon project schedules.

Quality Assurance Construction

Excellence, always


Quality Control

Our firm fully understands that quality and service must be a top priority and we strongly promote that fact in all aspects of our company. We have an uncompromising commitment to total quality management from pre-construction through warranty administration. It is the responsibility of the Construction Manager to ensure that everything installed on the project meets or exceeds the established plans and specifications. Our quality assurance program includes extensive written guidelines that are performed and are the responsibility of our superintendents. Our QC requirements are communicated to our subcontractors, suppliers, manufacturers, and design team.

Pre-construction is the first and best opportunity for us to establish effective quality control measures. In this phase, we are able to review the project specifications and plans with the design team and the client and get a solid understanding of the operational needs and goals of the facility. Once this is understood, we can make recommendations on construction means and methods that can complement and enhance the project’s goals. These procedural steps provide efficient integration with the team’s objectives and allow us to better communicate detail and quality levels desired of the subcontractors and suppliers.