Commercial Construction Management

The First Step: Pre-Construction

Our approach at BUILD is unique in that the people leading the pre-construction effort will be the team building the project. Other contractors tend to have one team work on the pre-construction phase, and then they will hand it off to the operations team. This won’t fly at BUILD, because we consider ourselves one group with the singular goal of building a successful project. This is why we require the entire team to work together during the concept and program analysis, providing optimal options and cost savings for our clients.

Plan Review

Our Estimating/Operations Team provides an evaluation of the design’s impact on constructability, phasing, site utilization, trade coordination, vehicular and pedestrian traffic patterns, safety, and security. BUILD Estimating/Operations Team members have over 100 years of combined commercial construction management, pre-construction, and estimating experience and are readily available for your project.

After each plan review session we will provide:

  • Complete price breakdown
  • List of Qualifications and Assumptions
  • Updated Schedule
  • Detailed Constructability review
  • Cost Comparison
  • Value Engineering suggestions

Throughout the pre-construction and construction process, we will be proactive in providing cost-effective solutions to any inconsistencies, design conflicts, or areas impacting budget boundaries while maintaining the design teams’ creative concepts and aesthetic integrity.

Product Selection

BUILD will walk you through one of the most challenging aspects of building – the product selection process. This process is critical to budgeting and scheduling, and is often times overlooked by other builders. BUILD will walk with you (and your interior designer) through each design center with the product selection list to determine what products you would like. We will ensure you understand the cost impact of each decision, which ultimately helps achieve your expectations of the budget.

Budget Estimating

From our initial estimate to the final pricing, your BUILD project team will utilize On-Screen Takeoff®, along with our custom database, to provide detailed estimates during all stages of the design. We maintain a comprehensive database, allowing us to perform high-level programmatic check estimates of overall costs.

The initial estimate for your project will be extremely detailed and include a listing of budget assumptions for a line-by-line review with the owner and the design professionals to assure the assumptions are correct. Any changes in the assumptions will be adjusted accordingly, producing a final preliminary budget for the project.

We will use the preliminary budget to assist the design team as the documents are developed.

Cost Control

A big reason why BUILD is such a trusted company is our insistence upon controlling costs at all times. We are able to achieve this by acquiring multiple bids for each scope of work and then having a complete open-book review of all bids with the owner. We also provide highly defined scopes of work for each trade, in order to avoid additional costs.

BUILD also becomes very familiar with any existing conditions, as this helps us be prepared for some of the unforeseen issues that other, less savvy general contractors may not be aware.

We walk each and every subcontractor through the site prior to signing them up for the scope of work. This helps eliminate the “I didn’t know” response from subcontractors. Throughout the entire process we are continually ensuring there will be no surprises.

Value Engineering

As we move through the design process, BUILD will provide detailed Value Engineering (VE) suggestions with each budget estimate. We will maintain a running VE log, fully detailed to include at minimum a description, date, cost, time impact, division of work/scope, and approval position. In addition, BUILD actively pursues additional VE during the construction process to provide all options to the project team.

We produce the following reports to allow the owner and the architect to make the best choice for the value of cost:

  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Evaluation Report of systems and equipment
  • Cost Analysis from historical data for similar systems or products

BUILD uses the incredibly important pre-construction period to set up your project for success. Success, for all project participants, means beginning with the end result in mind.

William Gaston,

Our depth of historical pricing and constructability experience allows us to analyze not only initial cost and schedule impacts, but also expected life cycle and maintenance costs resulting in the best value for the chosen product or system.

Brian Mayotte,
Vice President