How do you compare your company to other builders? 

  • BUILD is completely client-centric. We will 100% custom-tailor your home and the construction elements (timeline included) to your needs and desires. Our taste level is peerless, as is our ability to source any and all types of materials and design elements. The end result is always above and beyond the caliber and beauty of what the clients envisioned for their home during the planning process.

Do you build only from home plans you supply? Or can I provide my own?

  • As we are solely focused on the satisfaction of our clients, we will use the architect/plans that are the best match for you. We have strong connections with some of the finest architectural firms and would be happy to provide a recommendation if the customer is in need.

Who will oversee the construction of my home? Who should I contact with any questions I may have?

  • Your Project Manager will be with you from day one through completion and beyond. Any and all questions or concerns can be directed to your BUILD PM, using your preferred method of communication. Our PMs have decades of experience in the construction business. Not only are they tremendously qualified but every single one is very highly regarded as a consummate professional. One of BUILD’s tenets is that the building process be both a successful and an enjoyable one for our clients, no matter the scope of the project. Our unmatched client satisfaction rate is testament to this.

Upon closing the contract on my property, how long will it take for construction to start? 

  • We at BUILD cannot stress enough our emphasis on tailoring the building process to meet the needs of our clientele. Do you want to start immediately? Would you rather the construction process to be more of a leisurely process? We can do either. It is as simple as that.

Do you offer Green Building options?

  • BUILD has the resources and the know-how to combine sustainability strategies with Green Building science to turn any structure into one that honors our environment and the future of our landscape. We are committed to finding ways to build green spaces that are not only beautiful and designed exactly for you and your family’s needs, but also healthier, comfortable, and with substantially lower energy and maintenance requirements. With the inclusion of green design from the outset of your project, BUILD guarantees that we can find the most economically smart and environmentally conscious ways for your green vision to become a reality.